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WHO: Voltaire and Mr. Big (played by Jill 'cause apparently the Mr. Big muse won't talk to meh)
WHERE: In the slum area, somewhere discreet
WHEN: Day 8, before the rescue
WHAT: Negotiations and a mini rescue of sorts (it's to save his own ass so don't get excited about it lol)

Voltaire appeared calm while he waited for Mr. Big to show up for their meeting but in reality, he was nowhere near it. He hated meetings, he hated waiting and above everything else, he hated that man. He had avoided working for the slime ball throughout his entire pirate career and now he was ready to strike a deal with him but that was only because Mr. Big had something very valuable. Emily's father would have a hernia after receiving knowledge that his daughter had been running around with pirates and therefore his own reputation would be tarnished. The Gladius would be no more and he'd have to resort to pirating the old way. Not that he'd really mind, it was just way too damn easy to pillage when you're parading around as a "legit" captain.

Carlo stood against the wall with a couple guards, shifting on his feet nervously. He didn't have any fondness toward Mr. Big either and the vibe his captain was giving off made his unease even worse. He didn't think the man would try anything really but one can never be too careful, especially when they're avoiding letting a certain secret out in the open.



The ship can house and maintain life for up to 200 individuals, plus 50 Earth atomsphere like breathing animals, and plants. This particular voyage is at about half capacity. I'm not one to be amazing with this kind of mapping out stuff, so here's just a basic idea of what to expect. Questions, ideas, and volunteers for people who want to know more/revamp this map, can comment here.

Basic Map:

LEVEL ONE (top deck): Captain's headquarters, etc. This is where all of the staff that pilot the ship and keep it running work.
LEVEL TWO: Gladius staff housing
LEVEL THREE: Class rooms
LEVEL FOUR: Recreational facilities: arcade, food providers, fitness center (with pool), shops, garden/petting zoo, day care/playground.
LEVEL FIVE: Student housing
LEVEL SIX (bottom deck): Mechanics/systems area.



Fill out the application below and post it as a reply to this post. All comments will be screened. After you've done that, and put the YOUR CHARACTER information in a post in your journal (make one for each character please, even if you're using one journal), you're done and in the game. It's THAT simple. I'm a pretty trusting person. Don't break that trust, or you will feel my wrath (and it's scary!).

After you've posted up your character info, go ahead and add the main community and join it and what not. I'll post up new additions as they come in (or try to).



Damon Albarn
David Cook
Brad Dourif
Jason David Frank
Zac Efron
Bill Kaulitz
Christopher Ralph
Ville Valo


Devon Aoki
Lonneke Engel
Megan Fox
Miranda Kerr
Kiera Knightly
Avril Lavigne
Regina Spektor
Jewel Staite



tristan_white Dean of Students/President of the program.
shocking_evil Chemistry Professor
rezstone Literature and Creative Writing Professor
marcusansen History and Language Professor
sirensongsenga Music Professor


thievingdeath Captain
cillianshea Day care provider




jt_smith Transport
blackfuzzydice Transport
kiaoptima Transport


sugar_sugar_69 Captain
jaynarra First Mate
stas_williams Techie
eden_electronic Mechanic
geeeena Cleaning staff
blade_archer Chef


Teachers (all subjects)
Mechanic (Gladius)
Chef Staff (Gladius)
Medical staff (Gladius/pirates)
Weapons experts (Gladius/pirates)
etc. etc.



AIM (for mods private use only):
EMAIL (for mods private use only):
AGE (so we know you're zen with writing adult materials):
NAME/ALIAS (so we know what to call you!):


JOURNAL (which journal are you using for this character? You can stick multiple characters on one journal if you feel so lead, just make sure that you differentiate between them in an obvious manner):
PB (Played by whom?):
POSITION (student, or job with the crew):
AFFILIATION (pirate or non-pirate?):
SPECIES (describe your species please!):
ANYTHING ELSE (this is where you put in all other important information pertaining to history, special abilities, etc.):


Jun. 14th, 2008


On the outside, the game may appear to be one of those typical school games just in a new setting, and oh how terribly boring and bland. However, we dare you to keep reading and look a little deeper.

The Gladius is indeed a ship that has been designed specifically for the purpose of being a college study abroad program to aide students in their various areas of study. The program has several sub-programs that range in length from 6 Earth Months, to 3 Earth years, and even more sub-programs based on degree. This is The Gladius' maiden voyage, as the schools affiliated with the program had rented out space on other various ships prior 'til now. With the growing succes of the program however, came more funds, and thus The Gladius was born.

However, just as the students and staff of the ship were getting settled into their new home about two weeks into their journey, the ship was overrun by pirates. The pirates, on a smuggling job for a man known only as Mr. Big, ran into some problems with not only the law, but the individuals from whom they had stolen from, AND Mr. Big himself. The smuggling job was to steal a piece of important technology from a cold and harsh species. While the pirate crew was not one for taking on such jobs on a regular basis, there were promises of great reward and tresure and adventure, so much so that they were too much to resist.

Upon stealing the technology however came the epiphany that not only was the technology itself a great treasure in and of itself with great power, but it also came in five different pieces. Something that Mr. Big had failed to mention. Once this realization was made, along with the order to find the other four pieces, fighting between the captain and Mr. Big began. Naturally, since the captain doesn't take crap from anyone, it became their personal mission to keep their stolen treasure for themselves, and to seek out the other four pieces to see what this great power truely was.

There was a great battle, and their ship was completely destroyed. Many of the crew perished in the battle, but a few were able to escape, and they made their escape to The Gladius. Yes, this new ship would do just nicely for them and their purposes. It's time for a take over.

Rules and Regulations of the Starship Gladius

We're not going to waste your time restating the typical rules of role-play. If you don't know them, then ask, but most people know the standard "no god-modding", "no puppeting without permission" "be nice" rules. Use your common sense and everyone should get along fine. Here's what you need to know however....

  • Yes, I am your moderator, but I am NOT your babysitter. If you don't get along with someone, be mature and get over it. You don't need to talk to them, they don't need to talk to you. Don't come whining and crying to me about people who aren't playing nice because I'm not going to do anything about it until they (or you) piss me off so much that I remove them from the game. I'm not going to take that step though just because you have a beef with them that's minor/petty/avoidable by not interacting with them. We're all smart people. Let's try to handle our disagreements maturely and privately before dragging someone from the outside in. By all means, if it needs to be done, I will do it, but I'd like to avoid that as much as possible.

  • Character creation:

    Characters can be any species really, they don't need to be Earth humans, though they should be sentient if they're going to be a student/staff member. However if you desire to make a "HULK SMASH" pirate with the brain the size of a pea, that would be acceptable but we'll be capping this kind of character because uh...we don't need a million of them obviously, and it's a challenging role to take on. With that said, if you want to give your characters extra appendages or unique body-shapes, have at it. Our one big rule with character creation is that whatever you do to your character in terms of body parts and special abilities is that it needs to be explainable. A few examples:

    You want a vampire? Cool! Let's make them into a unique species. Explain the bloodlust, the strength, whatever you want to give them to be able to do. It does NOT need to be scientifically accurate, just plausible. What isn't considered plausible? Anything involving magic, a higher power, spiritual realm related things, or anything mystical. It can't happen just because. Another example is explaining a psychic by using the theory that since more brain energy and electricity is being used, the character has the ability to do certain unique abilities so long as they have the brain power available to do it. A character could be given wings and lighter bone density and thus have the ability to fly. A character could be infused with unique technology that adapts their body in various different ways (aka the Animorphs approach). Be creative! Do some research if you have to.

    Characters will not, however, be allowed to have a load of special and unique abilities. Pick 1-3 of them. Also, no super abilities to be able to do everything and anything under the sun. Pick your abilities and if you decide you want to change them (or if you decide you want them), please drop me a note.

    ALL CHARACTERS WILL BE 18+. THIS IS FINAL. You can NPC a kid if you want, but let's look at this realistically. Sometimes there are the random and rare exceptions of prodigy students that are 12 or whatever, or younger individuals who can run away to be a pirate, but given the nature of the game, let's keep everyone at typical Earth adult age. Teachers will need to be 24+ because it does take extra education to be able to teach on a college level. If you want another staff member who is not a teacher, they can be any age so long as they abide by the 18+ rule.

    Finally, there will be a 2:1 pirate to non-pirate ratio. Obviously, we need more pirates than regular staff members if there is going to be a proper take over, but we don't want it to be over run.

  • Student/teacher intimate relationships are prohibited on the ship if the student is in a class with that teacher. If that student transfers out, or finishes the course, then all's fair in love and war?

  • We are a threading game. Period. If it doesn't happen in a thread, then it didn't happen. No secret IM scenes or whatever. It all needs to be posted up. If you do a scene on IM and you want it to apply to the game and don't want to have to rethread the whole thing, post it up IMMEDIATELY (within 1-2 days) after it happens. Prose posts in journal are also acceptable.

    The format for a thread/IM log/prose will be as follows:

    Who: (OTA or whatever)
    Where: (pick a spot)
    When: (pick a time and a day)

    These will all go in the main community. If it doesn't go in there, you will be reminded to move it there.

  • OOC stuff stays in the OOC community. PERIOD.

  • Random junk will go in the journals, things under an LJ-cut marked as private are private to just that character or whoever it's directed to, strike-outs are also considered private. There are no posting limits or whatever. We count your activity in the threads, not your journals.

  • Activity should be A thread every week or two. Nothing fancy. If you have a pro-longed absence, find a way to explain it ICly. If it's going to be longer than the activity limit, chances are if you drop me a note, I'll be pretty cool about the absense. If it becomes ridiculous, I may advize for you to just drop the game completely until you know you can come back.

  • Day's in the game will be done through Day changes. Yeah, this can be annoying, but day changes are just basically going to be that 1 Day in game, is active for 2 days outside in the real world.

    EXAMPLE: It's Monday IRL, and the current in game day is DAY 1. DAY 1 is active until Wednesday when we change to DAY 2.

    Why do things this way? Because threading can take time, and a lot can happen in a day, and it gives people a chance to finish some things up before trying to figure out what's going to happen on DAY 2.

    (if this completely fails we'll just go to real time, or if enough people say ZOMG I HATE IT)

    I will be sure to post up day changes along with any special announcments which may or may not include plot twists and other major events. By joining the game, you are allowing for your character to be involved in a major event/plot twist on any given day. If you really, REALLY, have problems with this, speak now or forever hold your peace.

  • To be added onto as needed, if there are things not addressed, go ahead and ask them.